ProfitPlatform Programmatic Platform Descriptionup ↑

01 ProfitPlatform-NG (Platform) is a programmable complex for integration solutions development and may be used as a glue between server and client chain. Platform is under heavy development.

02Platform source code may be found at

EventFlow complex descriptionup ↑

01 Profitware EventFlow is software and hardware complex for collecting, filtering and accounting of events from any information source starting from low-level events like switch traffic presence to high-level ones like all-enterprise day beginning.

02 Complex permits anyone to architect near real-time systems using message queue servers from a number of vendors (ZeroMQ, IBM WebSphere MQ, etc.) and different event channels: CORBA, SOAP, JSON-RPC, E-Mail, low-level events from arbitrary systems, message sending for any "reactors" like social networks Facebook, Twitter, VK, ICQ, XMPP and others.

03 Specific complex implementation is developed under customers' needs and considers influence of different factors of software and hardware, business processes of company.

04 ProfitPlatform is used as a backend.

05 Development is on hold now.