About PrDEup ↑

01 PrDE (PRoductivity Desktop Environment) is a bunch of packages and configuration files targeted for creating an ideal desktop environment for productive software development.

02 It includes:

  • XMonad tile manager
  • Integrated Development Environment Emacs (Elpy, CIDER)
  • Ansible playbooks to install and update DE smoothly
Install and updateup ↑

01 Install or update for Fedora GNU/Linux (fast method):

wget -O- profitware.tech/f | sh -

02 Install or update for Fedora GNU/Linux (standard method):

sudo dnf install -y ansible
echo "localhost ansible_connection=local" >/tmp/local_node_inventory
ansible-pull --url=https://github.com/prde/prde-install-fedora.git -K -i /tmp/local_node_inventory

03 After installation one needs to close current user session and run new user session using xmonad-mate.

Source Codeup ↑

01 PrDE source code is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/prde. Issues and Pull Requests are welcomed.